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Groz-Beckert 134 SAN 11 Needle

Groz-Beckert 134 SAN 11 Multi-Directional Needles

These new needles from Groz-Beckert are multi-directional needles with a titanium nitride finish. They will last many times longer than the standard hardened steel or chromium needles. We are carrying them in sizes; 14/90, 16/100, 18/110, 19/120 and 21/130. If you need another size please let us know and we can try to get them for you.

$4.00 - pack of 10
$36.00 - pack of 100

The 100 pack can either be all the same size or made up of a combination of sizes. If you are selecting a combination of sizes the pricing will be adjusted at the time the order is filled.

For Tin Lizzie Quilters, 134 San 11 is a great recommendation for your machine, as well as for Innova Quilting Machines. Customer preferred...