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Jaws - The Best Quilt Clamp Ever

JAWS are made of flexible lexan with teeth that help grab the quilt. The can be used by hand quilters, machine quilters and long arm quilters.

Hand and Machine Quilters
The two sizes of JAWS will be particularly helpful as one side of the quilt gets larger and one side smaller. The smaller size is perfect for the smaller quilts. Now that quilt roll will stay in place when machine quilting, or hold the excess off the floor while hand quilting in a hoop.

Long Arm Quilters
JAWS can be snapped on and off rollers with ease. They are useful when you need to do quick repairs on a quilt and don't want to re-pin the whole quilt. Just pin one side and use the clamps on the other side, tighten and you are ready to go. The same technique can be used for borders after you have turned the quilt.

They come 10 to a package - 5 small and 5 large