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Karen McTavish - The Secrets of Elemental Quilting

The Secrets of Elemental Quilting
by Karen McTavish

Karen's new book, The Secrets of Elemental Quilting ~ Innovative Quilting Designs plus Trapunto Tips & Tricks, showcases the author's creative design ideas through multiple element and pattern examples. These patterns will enhance Appliqué and Pieced quilts or can stand alone as a Wholecloth design. Longarmers, domestic machine quilters and hand quilters alike can use these elements (as many times as they like). The book includes a detailed 60 minute DVD* of Karen teaching the techniques, step-by-step, of Trapunto, Shadow Trapunto and Color Trapunto.

This book is organized in 3 main sections to guide the reader in using the elements in their quilting: How to Use Elements which includes Supplies and Getting Started, Patterns which includes Fundamental Feathers, Seashells, Victorian Feathers, Seussian, Primordial and Wholecloth Patterns and Trapunto How-To which includes instruction on Basic Trapunto, Shadow Trapunto and Color Trapunto. The accompanying DVD* offers a private lesson with Karen on these 3 Trapunto techniques.

The Secrets of Elemental Quilting offers a peek into the unlimited potential of quilting design. The author shares her secrets for creating complex motifs out of a single, simple design. The book and DVD include 3 trapunto lessons, enabling the reader to enhance any kind of quilt. Quilters who have been asking Karen to teach her trapunto techniques will be delighted with this new book and accompanying DVD*.

This book is softcover, 112 pages, 120 unlimited use compound elements, and a 60 minute DVD* which features 3 trapunto lessons.