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Pam Clarke Design With Lines Books & Stencils

Design With Lines Book & Stencils by Pam Clarke
The Design With Lines sketchbooks contain many patterns developed by Pam Clarke. It is the first stenciling system designed to let the individual quilter take advantage of their time, effort and most of all their imagination.

The system is built on just the basic lines of all patterns. lets you establish the reference points of the pattern on your work. With very little marking, you can quilt in the shapes with this easy to learn method.

The beauty of the system is that you are able to create a multitude of patterns off of just one stencil. You won't have to go out and buy one of everything anymore. Saving money is great, but what you are really going to save is time. You will do one-tenth the marking, which means a lot less cleaning when you are done.

Books and Stencils

 Pam Clarke - Quilting Inside the Lines
Quilting Inside the Lines by Pam Clarke
$ 24.95
 Pam Clarke - Borderlines Book 1
Borderlines Book 1 from Pam Clarke
$ 12.00
 Pam Clarke - Borderlines Book 3
Borderlines Book 3 from Pam Clarke
$ 12.00
 Pam Clarke - Circles Stencils
Circles Book\Stencils by Pam Clarke
$ 0.00
 Pam Clarke - Hearts Stencils
Hearts Stencils by Pam Clarke
$ 0.00
 Pam Clarke - Hexagon Lines Stencils
Hexagon Lines Stencils by Pam Clarke
$ 0.00
 Pam Clarke - Oval Stencil
Oval Stencil by Pam Clarke
$ 8.00