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Sally Terry - Pathways to Better Quilting

Pathways to Better Quilting
by Sally Terry

  • Find the clues and secrets for tapping into your creativity! Learn the 5 questions the quiltmaker answers, the 5 questions the fabric dictates, and the 8 quilting decisions determined by the quilt top.
  • 75 patterns for quilters with traditional sewing machines, shortarm systems, and midarm or longarm quilting machines. Even hand quilters will love these beautiful designs.
  • Accelerate your learning curve with Sally's efortless transition to freehand and free-motion quilting. The simple practice sesisons are guaranteed to improve your individual style, skill, and crativee ability.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Pathways of Stitching
  • Finding Your Creative Potential
  • The Five Shapes of Quilting
  • Pathways to Choosing Quilting Designs
  • Pathways to Quilting Specific Patterns
  • Appendixes
  • Resources . Biblography
  • The Machine Quilters Oath
  • About the Author