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Superior Bottom Line Thread - Cones
$13.99 $ 12.99

Superior Bottom Line
Applique and Bobbin Thread

Imagine a bobbin thread that virtually disappears as the top thread and bobbin thread harmonize.

The Bottom Line is an innovative bobbin thread for sewing with all types of top thread including metallics and designer threads. It's silk-like finish allows it to slide, not grab, to form the perfect stitch. By matching colors, you can sew even the finest stitch without the bobbin thread showing This soft, fine thread also prevents stiffness in embroidered designs.

The Bottom Line is also ideal for both machine and hand applique. The fine 60 wt. thread disappears into the fabric resulting in perfect curves and sharp points. The lint-free, ultra-smooth surface prevent s snagging and knotting.

As Bobbin Thread

  • Ideal for the smallest, most intricate designs
  • Works wonderfully with metallic and designer threads
  • Secures without grabbing
  • Greater bobbin-fill capacity

As Applique Thread

  • Smooth, even thread
  • Disappears into the fabric
  • Easy pull-through
  • Wonderful variety of blending colors

Due to its lint free quality, excellant color choice and fine 60 weight, the Bottom Line is superb for heirlooom sewing, fine lace work and intricate trapunto.

The cones hold 3000 yards of thread.

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