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Superior King Tut Thread
On Sale!
$25.95 $19.95

The 25 new King Tut colors have arrived. Click on the New Colors Chart link below to see the newest colors.

  • 100% Extra Long Staple (ELS) Egyptian cotton.
  • 1.5 inch color-change.
  • No glaze finish (this means your machine will stay leaner).
  • Extremely low lint. You'll be surprised it's cotton.
  • The strongest cotton thread available.
  • No. 40 cotton, suitable for hand, machine, and longarm quilting.

Made from the cream of the crop cotton in Egypt, King Tut Quilting ThreadTM is 100% Extra Long Staple (ELS) Egyptian cotton. Only a small percentage of Egyptian cotton is classified as Extra Long Staple. The staple fibers are 10% longer than Long Staple cotton which means less lint and extra strength. Fourty Three beautiful variegated colors, each with a one and a half inch color-change interval and seven solid colors, means the colors will flow through your quilt.

Available on 2,000 yd. cones. New colors coming soon.

Click here for Color Chart
Click here for New Colors Chart